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Reggiana Riduttori

With over forty years of Engineering experience, Reggiana Riduttori is one of the world’s leading companies in the design and manufacture of gearboxes for a wide variety of power transmission applications.

To ensure that the highest standards in engineering, quality and production are always met, our products are 100% manufactured in Italy at our headquarters in San Polo d’Enza. 

Continuous investments in Research and Development have guaranteed that we have the most modern automation machining centres available.

This enables us to respond swiftly to the changing market demands for customised solutions, whilst maintaining the highest possible quality level.
Total Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001:2008 through the DNV organization.

New assembly concepts

With dedicated lines for bevelgears, wheeldrives, slewing gearboxes; constant training for the assembly personnel enables us to perform excellent quality ratings.

Automated Storage

Over 18000 m3 of storage room with a capacity of up to 8500 europallets


  1. More than 20 years of experience worldwide with key OEMs
  2. Dedicated products line for Heavy Duty applications 
  3. One to one customised engineering 

Focus on Sectors

  1. Material Handling
  2. Mining and Mineral Processing
  3. Cement, Foundries, and Metal Processing
  4. Sugar Industry, Fertilizer and Alcohol

We are focusing on the following system:

  1. Wood
  2. Paper 
  3. Irrigation 
  4. Power Plants 
  5. Packaging 

We Believe in Highest Quality

  1. ISO 9001 certified overall Quality System through DNV Organization
  2. In house Test Bench
  3. Raw material sourcing 100% in Italy
  4. Licensed personnel for Quality testing
  5. Periodical internal audit with strict targets
  6. Core machining phases all done in-house
  7. Metrological and Metallographic in-house Laboratories
  8. All supply chain audited periodically
  9. Assembled products tested 100%
  10. Material traceability from raw to finished