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Rousselet Robatel is a worldwide leader in the field of industrial centrifuges with over 100 years of experience.

Rousselet Robatel manufactures the most types of centrifugal separator throughout the world.

About SCMP

Shanghai Chemical Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. (SCMP) is a chemical processing equipment manufacturing company specializing in separation machinery, including centrifuges and filters. It is a member of the Rousselet Robatel Group, a worldwide leader in the field of industrial centrifuges with over 120 years of experience. SCMP focuses on the domestic market in China and neighboring markets in East and Southeast Asia. It’s activities cover the full range of technical development, application support, manufacturing, sales and service.

SCMP is a global company specialized in producing various types of centrifuges and filters. SCMP, established in 1958, has been a leader in separation machinery in China. SCMP was restructured as a wholly foreign-owned enterprise from a state-owned enterprise in 2006.

In 2007, SCMP was certified by the Shanghai Municipality as a “FOREIGN- FUNDED ENTERPRISE WITH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY”.
Today, as a leading manufacturer in the centrifuge field, SCMP stands ready to serve customers in China and overseas with a complete range of capabilities in engineering, production, sales and service.